thoughts of a dying atheists and the God motion flow

Atheists often believe in the legitimacy of the state. Though they’re wrong about both of these concepts it is quite obvious to see the design of the world and that there needs to be purpose behind it. There is a driving force that wich is God and it’s multiplying. Source always keeps on creating. It was designed that way and God is creation its self. As the word implies it’s a state of eternal existence and infinite time of existence. There exists realms beyond time and space and beyond matter where it’s  all pure energetic. The spiritual domain is right here on earth everywhere where we are to. The streets are also multileveled and everybody walking everywhere is connected with each other and we are inflicting our energies on each other. As many also act as mirrors for others. Telepathic ideas are also aspects of the mental infinite universe. The angels will never come down anymore but they are guiding us from the other realms. We can invoke there archetypal figures and be contaminated with their energies. It’s good to have a life purpose where we collectively can live for. I think everyone on earth is destined to transform this world of slavery into freedom and higher consciousness and more awareness about the occult sciences and esoteric doctrines. There is much knowledge to get your hands on put maybe the most occulted and widely misunderstood are the moral laws of nature. They are objective and are always online in this universe we are living. Your behaviour and thoughts emotions and actions are creating our realities. The people more and more get to know about these technologies in the human brain and also the outer worlds. But there needs to be build a proper armed resistance, a body of warrior teacher healers and transformers. The people that are after the Truth and want to know every little bit of it. Another one bits the dust and nobody for that instance really knew what he was doing anymore. The people were writing and writing to get to more. The Moral Natural Laws inplies that Karma of Cause and Effect are also constantly at work in our realities. It’s like an elastic mechanism but it can break as well when you are making wrong decisions to keep it all going for yourself. Decisions that will make sure you get what you want or to guide yourself over others to the positions where you want to be. VERY often money is the ultimate driving force behind this behavior and it has something a little satanic. It’s putting yourself above others to get what you want. It’s objective wrong behavior as you are putting other people beneath or down you. It’s called self preservation and it can be used also with conducting energy and steering it to things that you are intentind to achieve or do. In the dark occult there are many rituals being done to get what they want. It are the very high ranking business people but also people of the government and central intellitigence agencies and banksters and fraudsters and hipsters who act as if they know everything but are not really interested in what is in this world. All they care about is going out and drink alcohol. Not even doing psychedelic work to bring the mind and whole being to a different way of looking at the world and all you believe in and what keeps you busy

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