Manically healed from the illnesses of the mind intermingled with the ego and lelf loathing and self inflicted suffering and having non realisation about right and wrong and play games with themselves and people and situations around them. They be stealing cars and robbing people call themselves gangsters and think they are succesful in life. There’s nothing legally illegal, as in like legitimately. Man should be aware of the non agression principle and self defense principle apparently the 2 main male and female pillars of enlightenment. Anarchy truly is the answer to absolute spiritual freedom. We commit ourselves to the communities we live and do something good for yourself and others so you can share each others joy with each other. Perhaps it’s all nonsense but for the first time in a long time I feel what im talking thinking and acting upon is something very sensical in a way that it is both logical and intuitively on the right page and in balance.


Hypersensual bitter thoughts are not allowed in the doors that reach into their religions. We must fear for then we are easily controlled. With all their fake bomb attacks and false flags. You’re not woke if you’re not doing or at least trying to do as much as you can at that very moment as you can. Or at least dont live too much into self preservation and non at all in moral relativism in isness.

We remember all sorts of things from the past with wich we need to work. Some call it shadow work and some say shadowwork is like cleaning the psyche and bring yourself into higher levels of being and undertanding.

When you have nothing to lose who are you going to call when you have no place to go?

It signifies a deep meaning for me this question and the answers. As long as were going for it it doesnt matter if the roads get rough because we know how to handle the roads without perfected roads. So much roadcosts while its not even necessary

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