Scripture of motion

He felt alone. Very alone. Nothing today seemed to trigger him into feeling inspired or happy. He didn’t know what to do at all with his life. His life didn’t go into the direction he wanted it to go because he doesn’t know the direction he wants to steer his life into. He never even had finished even his highschool because he was so much more interested in other things. It’s as if he felt it already back then that there is something very wrong with the world. He couldn’t imagine himself doing any job that he really liked. He felt he was here on earth for a purpose but can’t point his finger onto what that thing really is. Now he is in his appartment longing for a joint. The weed always seems a good choice when he’s in the state he is today. The weed gives him ideas and perspective on the world and ofcourse it also kind of makes him feel better in a whole. He has been paranoid because of it too back in the days. But ever since he has gotten to know himself better it’s as if he doesn’t have anything to be afraid of anymore. He started doing research in how the world really works, who really has the power and why things are the way they are. School couldn’t give him the answers, church couldn’t give him the answers and his friends and parents couldn’t either. So he had to sort things out himself. Luckily there is the internet so he can look up everything he ever wanted to know. Ofcourse he knew he had to use his discernment because there’s also so much misinformation. But there is also alot of good knowledge on the internet. He learned that knowledge neither is bad nor is it good. It just is and it depends on the person what he or she does with this information. He came to the understanding that there is a sinister group of dark sorcerers using knowledge against the masses and makes the masses ignorant of it. They designed the world so that the masses wouldn’t even thirst for the Truth but would rather watch their football game at saterday night or go to a bar to drink beer. He himself liked a party too ofcourse and he had used all sorts of substances to get him out of reality. He knew it was some sort of escapist behaviour but sometimes he just didn’t care and took the substance and just be feeling good. Alcohol too was kind of a problem. It had sneaked it’s way into his life and lot’s of people had pushed him out of their life. With his conspiratory talks about what is going on in the world and how we are being controlled as catal. Who want’s to hear that? They know exactly what they’re doing with keeping the masses from the important knowledge. He knew this but there barely were people who knew this with them apart from some people who he had met on the internet in several facebook groups. There seem to be some people in the know but they all were on the other side of the world. He had met someone in real life who was at least investigating alot of what was going on. But he wasn’t using his discernment and was a little naive and delusional too to say the least. Plus he probably literally was a little mentally ill too. He had been there and done that and still doesn’t really know how all of this could have happened. There were happening so many strange things in his life when he started to awaken to what really is going on. It was as if a force tried to dissuay him from the Truth and tried to shut him up. It was as if that negative force knew what kind of impact he could have on the world around him. He started to become very interested in extraterrestrial life. Otherworldly life in other regions of the universe or even in other universes or in other dimensions. How could planet earth be the only planet with life in this universe he often asked himself. The logic of that just didn’t cut it. He started to discover the UFO and Extraterrestrial information on the internet. He read several books about extraterrestrial life and felt he was being visited by other worldly beings. Perhaps he even got manipulated into becoming psychotic. Or it were the spirits he let into his body by drinking so much alcohol. People can become completely different persons when they drink too much alcohol. What is this strange substance and why do they call it spirits? And why is exactly this substance that can turn people into monsters legal and being propogated by the system. He had learned that everything being propogated by the system was something he needed to watch out for. Why is marihuana illegal in most of the world when it’s one of the most powerful medicine plants in the world and why is his laptop doing all sorts of weird stuff when he starts writing about things like this. Certain words he wrote just suddenly seem to get clicked on by his laptop itsself as if his laptop is some sort of living entity. Artofficial intelligence they call it nowadays. Well maybe this Artoffical intelligence is much smarter than they let us know. Or maybe there are actually people who have broken into his laptop keeping an eye on him and watching him do everything he does on his laptop, phone and tablet because he is a threat to the status quo. Perhaps the system doesn’t want people like him on this earth who don’t want to cooperate with them. Who don’t want to be ruled by others and just want to rule themselves and nobody else. He had become an Anarchist because he had learned about morality and had recognized the immoral pillars government was leaning on. Eventhough he didn’t know all the answers of how society would be without government he knew it was the faith of the human beings to become completely free from external rulership. He learned that he himself was the only one who may rightfully rule him and no other external force rightfully can according to the Laws of nature. And so he didn’t have the right to rule anybody else apart from himself. He also had never really felt like ruling anybody else than himself. Though he is a natural born leader he never really abused his power and people just naturally liked to follow him around. The Natural Laws were something he got a hold of too. He always kind of naturally knew that when you do good you will meet good and he always lived by this philosophy. But there was more tot his. Much more. First he needed to learn the objective difference between right and wrong behaviour. When I do something that brings harm to another sentient beings Im violating my their rights and nature would provide for the repurcusions. What you give is what you get. That doesn’t only count for right doings but also for wrong doings. The ways of the universe don’t have to be that mysterious if you start to understand these Moral Laws. He started to understand that he could actually shape his whole reality with those Laws when he had his own personal holy trinity in alignment. Thoughts, emotions and actions must be the same. No contradictions. So don’t say you will do something but feel something different and do that wich you are feeling. Because so you think, so you feel, so you will act. Sometimes we lie about our feelings or about our thoughts because we don’t want others to know the Truth about us. Not all deserve to know the Truth is something the dark sorcerers think. They think they’re the only ones who deserve to know the real important Truths about our reality.

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