Hello everyone,

Enjoy your stay.

Much Love

You can find some of my writing work in the blog section.Im a beginning blogger and just like to spill my thoughts on the web as some are interested and some it might spark their interest and can perhaps help them on their spiritual journey I have written to some extent about subjective and objective insights on reality. The inner and the outer, the above the below and the dual in polar in the oneness of Kether the force from wich all other forces came from and is the essence of Live and can be fueled with Love.The esoteric source of your reality is to be found in the mind, the spirit and the soul and ofcourse the heart wich is fueled by the higher consciousness and the balancing of the 2 brainhemispheres the 2 pillars of enlightenment in freemasonry from the dark and white checkerboard.

Much Love


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