Seek and you willl find, Act and you will experience, Experience and you will know. Know and you should DO.

The winter time has passed and the temperature is starting to become more and more pleasant. It’s nice to ride along the quiet roads on a bycicle and enjoy the sights of endless green lands filled with cows and sheep. The waters are flowing gentle and it seems like the whole world is greeting me with a mellow smile. As the outer world is calm, so my inner world is calm. But sometimes stormy weather can be calming  too but mostly when Im inside and dont have to ride my bycicle with a strong wind in my face. The colours of the world outside become different.  It’s as if they are more bright especially with a clear blue skye. Im curious of what this new spring of the year will bring and what adventures and new experiences are laying ahead. Some months are easy and relax, others are wild and untamed. You never really know what will happen. Sometimes a big change is just around the corner. It’s often the unexpected aspect of life that makes it so thrilling. But sometimes it’s good for the sea you are sailing to be calm. It’s nice every now and then to have no storms and don’t have to stress too much if your boat is going to sink or not or if you’re gonna be thrown off your boat and drown. Life is full of opportunites and chances and it’s in everyday life that the smallest things can give you the biggest hints on where you can go. You just have to be open and aware of them. Maybe you create them yourself by being mindful of the direction you want to go or the things you want to experience or do. Synchronicity is a mysterious thing and nobody really knows why it is there or how it exactly works. Everyone has their own reasons to think what they think. The universe has mysterious and highly interesting ways in making things happen for you. But very little things are going to happen if you’re not willing to take any action. It doesn’t happen that much that the things you want are just going to be thrown your way and everything will magically happen. Just visualizing or thinking about a certain thing you want will not make it happen. It is so that the thoughts we broadcast are like magnets and the like will attract like. So if you’ve got plans in your head that you want to do the doing is the magick key here. As you think, so you feel, so you act. And more will come along the way the more of the thoughts and feelings you have putten into action. It will work just like a snowball effect. It works a little bit like Im writing right now. I didn’t have any big idea of what I wanted to write about. I just felt a really strong urge to start writing about something and I did. Thoughts and ideas are popping in my head along the way as Im writing. Sometimes you just have to do it. That wich you have been thinking to do for a while eventhough you’re not really sure how you’re going to do it. Very often the things you want to do or achieve will just fall into place when you get into the action phase. New thoughts arise, new feelings arise and new actions arise as they work in cycles and in spirals. You get back to certain thoughts and feelings you had and perhaps have a different perspective on them and maybe then do them a little different and get a better outcome. It doesn’t happen that often that everything we plan on doing immediately will turn out exactly the way you were thinking and hoping for them to turn out. If something didn’t initially turned out the way you wanted it, don’t immediately turn down the whole idea. Just give it time and try again later. Experience is knowledge and knowledge put into right action is wisdom. Seek and you willl find, Act and you will experience, Experience and you will know. Know and you should DO.

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