Thoughts and subjects and underlying aim to higher knowledge via inspiration and spirit essence

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For the first time in some time I let my keyboard do the work while it’s getting put in action by my fingers linked to my mind with wich Im trying to understand the mysteries of the micro and macrocosm. Also everday life and our interaction with the artofficial intelligence of all the technology that is surrounding us and that we are making use of. We are so destined to become much greater beings than what they have been trying to dissuay from us. The knowledge that wich is is within. They are trying to make sure we are not looking from within and trying to disstract our interests into mindless entertainment and passive numb living drugged out and down by the system of control and the propogation of false natural healings. The human body is capable of much more than what they making mainstream for the masses to be existing. The so called Above Super Natural things that are happening in so many people their lifes. Those who are more interested in the origins of the universe and existence have been energized for the Will to investigate that wich is in the lives of us. There is still so much unexplored terrain in the universe and also so much known that we can not comprehend or learn in just one life time. But we all have had and will be having many lives. There is so much that our souls and consciousness has been doing and experiencing in all their lives. There are many hidden powers and knowledge in our subconscious and like Tesla said there is a source of ideas and knowledge and objective Truth and philosphies to tap into. Your inspirational ideas and epiphany’s have a high frequency in your thoughts and being because it ignites the creative aspect that all human beings have since it is engraved in our brain hemisphere. If only people started to understand that by balancing the hemispheres the neo cortex starts to awawken and within this state of consciousness states of consciousness where many masters and beings have been before us and are now eminating in unseen worlds traveling with their light body in other higher vibrating realities that are paralel to ours but exist out of time and space. These are the beings that we are communicating with in our dream states. We’re also communicating with our higher selfs once we awaken the divine aspects within us wich are available for every human being existing on the face of this planet except maybe for non player characters, if they truly be existing. Im not sure wether they be soulles robotic kind of beings  or maybe they are a bit like the greys. Personally I think from the moment your being born or reborn as a human there only good things are its everlasting motivations because if we evolve right we can go beyond this devastating and slave like 3d reality that we are living right now at this moment. Perhaps there is a grand awakening taking place in the lives of millions of others. And those who dunnot awaken are getting drawn to those that are experiencing awakening symbols and becoming aware of higher truths that are governing our everyday lives such as Natural Law. It’s unheard of for a long time that the Natural Laws are known to the human public, or masses. Long time there have been mystery traditions and secret societites that are keeping the crucial information for a good evolving better life for all beings on the planet. Then you know there must be conspiracies because slowly but steadily they become observable for everyone. The elite shadow government isn’t what it used to be but they dont need alot of people because they are ruling the world with money wich for so many people has become their god. Others follow shallow exoteric believe systems that stem from falsity and manipulation. Alot of Truth is hidden in plain sight but they like to use alot of much used things like language as a weapon to keep us putting spells over each other and be having a competitive dualistic social connection with each other. The next state is the level of Oneness although im aware this sounds like mainstream new age theories I do believe from an understanding from the mystery traditions of the kabbala that this in factt is a Truth. Also the tree of life is a very interesting and helpful and fruitful system of coming to an understanding of many things concerning the Self and wherein it dwells. The realities that we are living in and what is achievable in the astral plane wich can be done via all sorts of often psychedelic techniques.


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They have been exploring the psychdelic realm for years and know there can be traveled to other dimensions and becoming aware to a bigger idea of yourself and the things that can be found in our world surrounding us. From our past to our future we get to see alot of vision to being able to find that not all things seem as they on the surface seem to be. Wise men have walked among the average people for a long time and they have been discussing the ideas of the higher masters that are not in this world but with whom you can have contact with. Focus for example on the room that you are in. Do you notice strange sparkles of light or movement in the room. Or you become more sensitive to higher vibes that are possibly beings emaneting from the beings that are surrounding you. Many psychics are aware of them and can actually see, hear, smell and sense. This I find highly interesting but I have never been to one. Im highly curious for when I have an honest and real psychic what she has to say about my path in life and what will be laying around the corners. And maybe even my encounters with our star brothers and sisters since they have been visiting me in their ships several times and have also dreamt of them wich were highly interesting dreams. Sometimes I remember sometimes I dont remember them but wake up with a feeling as if something strange and eye opening and changing has happened in my dreams. Also last night was the full moon and I as an effect felt highly charged of some strange feeling of activation and ignition. Any way thank you so much for reading you rock and I hope to hear from you and if you wish to share this that ofcourse also is highly welcome. Im feeling the urge to share my thoughts for now is enough and this is the way I write so like it or not maybe it gives you some ideas and inspiration to think about. There is so much to unravel every day that every day becomes interesting even if its by the little things or if you have done some reading in interesting books or articals or blogs or seen some awesome videos on youtube or nexflix and wanna share with the world. Personally I have done alot of introspection and like to bring up the Hermit. I love those lone times and it has taught me alot of life and my position is in it. The things that I can do for myself and humanity and this planet. First you gotta change yourself before you can change your reality and after that try to become a good source into the evolution of human kind in wich ever way you wanna do that. If we all with each other start to become aware of our spiritual essence and the reasons why we are here on this planet.



There is still so much death and destruction and tyranny going on in this world and many reasons lay in the hands of the government. Are we really gonna let a bunch of rich master strategist and psychologists and occultists in the dark arts of black magick but even in this side of the magick is found light. Because darkness cant exist without light. I like to find the balance between the 2 and recognize myself into the grey middle path wich can walk both sides but balance myself in the middle of light and darkness and work from out there. I dont ignore the negativ because without facing it how are we gonna solve it. Same goes with our own wrong doings and or immoral behaviour towards other beings like humans but also animals. There is a big problem in the animal world as more and more species are becoming instinct and destroyed because of humans. Also so much murder going on in the murder slaughter houses. Maybe the tru road to evolution is also to let animals be more fruitful in the world while also being able to live their own essence.

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