the powers that should not be, the cancer industry and nature&healing

As the morning dawns I see the snow laying on the grass and it sparkles without there even being the sun. It sparkles in the light that comes through the misty air. The trees greet me with a smile and communicate with me through their stillness. They’re content and full of love and want us to know that. For many hugging a tree seems a bit new agey and a bit floaty sugar coated weird. But I actually tried it not too long ago and felt it’s beingness through my beingness. I do have to admit I was stoned when I did that. But the good thing about being stoned is that you feel very connected with everything, especially with nature. There’s a long windy road ahead of me and Im not sure where it leads to. I need a mountainbike. This place Im living now is perfect for cycling with a mountainbike. A few years ago I had a mountainbike but it got stolen. Im so glad Im having my books back. It gives me comfort and forfills me. There’s also this weird photograph of me taken in a shoppingmall by some tullip organisation making free pictures of people just passing by. As I was high as fuck when this was taken the lady wanted to make a picture of me and I agreed with it. She said she had the perfect sign for me to hold up. The sign says: Doe als een tulp en ga uit je bol. It means something like: Do as a tulip and get out of your head. Where bol means the thing where the tulip grows out of.

The new work place is perfect because I have a perfect view. I think it helps with finding inspiration and being in communication with spirit. Because that’s what happens when you are inspired. Spirit whispers it’s ideas reserved for you inside of your head. You feel excited and full of ideas and Im always thankful when this happens. Spirit is in everything and it’s connected with everything. It’s the good in the bad and the bad in the good. The dual nature of yin and yang. But at the same time it’s bathed in oneness with everything. Oneness is the blueprint of everything. We need to stop thinking that everything is outside and apart of us. Because you are me and I am you but it’s hard to see from this biological computer vessel that our soul and consciousness resides in at the moment. Open up your mind, awaken your inner eye and you will experience it yourself. Balance your left and right brain hemispheres and activate your higher mind (Neo meaning new) cortex, the new man consciousness. First we need to heal our worldview and have the Will to find Truth and be not afraid to speak it whenever you find the possibility you can. Ofcourse we don’t have to shove it down people’s throat all the time. We also have to know that everyone is walking their own path but we can play a big role as a catalyst for awakening. Those who awoke are meant to help others awaken because it is the way of evolution. Those who are awakening right now or have awakened already some time ago are the wayshowers.

Breathing the cold air freshens up the lungs and brings new life into your body (all breathing does) New cells are being formed everyday and the old dying cells have to make place for the new ones. We’re constantly being renewed by our own being. Everyday 7% of our cells are being renewed. That is as much as one whole arm. That’s alot. Change never stops changing and there’s rhytm and cycles in everything. Sometimes change suddenly takes a big leap and you’re whole life can be upside down within a second. And sometimes it takes a long time for something to transform in something other. It depends on what it is ofcourse. Sometimes healing can take a long time before it succeeds completely. As I have come to understand mental illness can take a long time before it is healed completely. Some people who have had mental illness never completely succeed in healing. I do believe that all sickness can be healed but perhaps not with everyday mainstream medicin. There are many ways of healing. Sometimes a Raw vegan diet can come a long way. Hemp can play a big role in healing many sicknesses. There are many stories of hemp healing cancer. Hemp fights cancer cells but still it is being suppressed. This is because cancer not only is a sickness, it’s an industry as well. Giant pharmaceutical companies are making millions out of it.

Society is designed in a way to make people sick. The sicker the people the better it is for the powers that should not be. Weak and sick people are easier to control plus the pharmaceuticals as I said can make ridiculously big amounts of money. The chemotherapies destroy the body and with that the cancer cells or tumors but chances are very high the patient will develop other sicknesses and will need all sorts of other medicin and so they keep the patients in a perpetual cycle of sickness. I know it all sounds horrible and many will shake their heads and don’t believe that. But those are the people who are still a little naive in thinking what the powers that should not be are willing to do and what not. Well let me tell you something; they are willing to do the most horendous things. Look at history and see for yourself what they have done and what they are keep doing everyday. The battle isn’t over and we need the masses to awaken so we can put a stop to all this mayhem and chaos that is going on on this planet.

We are the people and we’re not meant to be controlled by a handful of psychopathic maniacs with very sinister agenda’s. They are serving powers that most of us aren’t even able of knowing to actually exist. There is so much going on in this world and those who say they know exactly what is going on are full of shit. Because they can’t know. The powers that should not know have spun their webs brilliantly and everything is in different segments and things seemingly aren’t connected with each other. But be careful of what you see in everyday news or the movies that are coming out in the theatres. They hide the Truth in plain sight because they know those will not be the places where most of us will look to find out the Truth. I remember myself doing the same when we we’re playing soldier in the woods back in the days. I would have my camouflage suit and would be lying in the middle of somewhere that seemingly isn’t an obvious place to hide. Because I knew they wouldn’t think of it of somewhere where the enemy might hide they wouldn’t consciously be looking in those places and I was able to shoot them easily. That’s exactly what is going on with the alot of Truth that is being ‘hidden’ by the elite. They put it right in front of us and often make us believe it is actually something good because they have mind controlled us our entire lives we don’t know any better. So once you’re on the path of Truth you can find it everywhere but first you have to open your mind enough to come to the realisation that perhaps not everything we perceive as to be the Truth actually really holds the Truth.


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