Connecting with your higher self

Connecting with your higher self can be a tough job living in this world. With all the negativity we daily see on the television and in the news papers. What is it about these media agencies that they want to give us a fulltime overview on the negativity that is going on in the world. There have been murders here, somebody has been raped there. I think it’s a combination of wanting to keep us in a low frequency unabling is to connect with our higher self. But also because negative news sells. For some reason we find negativity appealing. Many people like to talk negative about themselves or about others. We like complaining about the weather alot, that’s a big one. What is it about all this negativity that makes it so attractive for us to mingle in with it? I dont think we should ignore the negative at all. Because without facing the negative how are we suppose to fix it? We cant. We have to face those demons, acknowledge those conspiracies that are obviously working their little (actually quite monsturously big ones) agenda’s on this planet we are living on. We have to face our fears, or take that next step into the direction we want to go, heal ourselves. We all have done things we aren’t proud of but that doesn’t have to mean we have to suffer the rest of our lives because of these things. We have to give it some space in our being and go on. And stop thinking back over and over again and torture ourselves. What’s done is done and we can’t turn back time. At least be grateful that you have a healthy feeling of shame or regret for the things you shouldn’t have done. The new age movement is dangerous for it propagates it’s followers to ignore the negative and not give it energy. Although I agree you should prevent yourself to get lost in the negativity I think it’s actually very important for us to face the negative and keep searching for the solutions. We all have been acknowledging alot of what is wrong with this world and that the direction this planet is heading towards is not the direction we want it to be going. So ACTION is needed. We really need to start getting our heads together and start coming up with solutions. But first! We need to connect with our higher self and be inspired as much as we can. Because by being inspired were connecting with our higher self and our higher self is connected with spirit. So by being inspired spirit is actually whispering ideas in your head that you can do. Spirit wants us to be creative, it’s in our nature. God made us in his image as a creator. We have to ignite ourselves and want ourselves to reach for being the best version of ourselves.

We all have so much to offer to this world. Many of us have stopped believing in their dreams. Well guess what I’ve got news for you! One of the reasons you’re here on this planet is to pursue your dreams by aligning your talents with your passions because they’re connected. Often the things we’re passionate about are also the things we’re good at. We become passionate about the things we are good at. We love being good in something. It’s what makes us special and secretely we all want to be a little special. Basically nobody really wants to be normal and that makes nobody normal and everybody normal at the same time. Because normal actually doesn’t exist so in that aspect nobody can be normal, that’s one perspective. But another perspective is that normal is when many people are doing or experiencing the same thing. So when many experience the same it is being perceived as normal. Some want to be like everybody else and don’t want be different because they’re afraid of being laughed at or found uncool by the cool. But you know what actually makes you cool is being different, to have the heart to speak your Truth, to talk how you like, to express whatever you like, dress whatever you like or have that haircut you know most won’t like but you get in anyway because you’re the one who likes it and that’s what it’s all about because it concerns your haircut and nobody else’s.

Start doing something everyday that makes you feel good about yourself. Have a conversation with that homeless person you cross everyday on the street. You don’t know how long he hasn’t had a decent conversation with anybody and how much he would like to have one with someone. Often homeless people feel very abandoned and have lost faith in humanity. Show that person that someone cares about him. Ask him about his situation or how he got into it. Or smile a little more to random strangers you meet on the street. I have found that I always like it when somebody I dont know for no reason smiles at me. There are always reasons to smile, always reasons to give a compliment to someone. You might not realize how big of an impact you can have on someone with a small gesture of kindness and Love. The more gestures of Love we give the more we will receive. That’s a Natural Law or a Universal Truth however you want to call it. Go and do what makes you happy!

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