Some songs of freeing

The tone of his voice was different this time as he was listening to the music wich fired the frequency of uplifting the writers block. Many things could have been said upon the resting of the shoulders of the strange entities and secret methods behind writing. There is a typical source or state of mind where you tap into other regions of the brain. Certain areas are being ignited where normally there is nog acces to. Its like riding a wave of words with a fishing rot. You only need the good bate for the right fish to bite. Im not asking anyone to read these words but inviting those that feel resonation or interest may care to read. Ive been attracting many people that need healing or advice and every one is always welcome to have a talk with me. I like to see myself in the process of becoming entrepeneur mind as well as im finding ways to make money from behind my device anywhere in the world. I want to travel and write and have contact with people all around the world where we connect but also in the physical whereas perhaps there are ways where we can go together to some place in the world and make music and go in the mountains or other nature where we perform rituals to uplift mother Gaia but also our microcosm in the reflection of the macrocosm. We can connect and share information and try and help each other in whatever way. I know none of us are perfect but we all are divine and have our flaws but always act out of love. Sometimes our egos can get in the way but we can become adults and deal with them and together cure and heal our psyches and worldview. Work on the knowledge of natural law since its vast. There is much to be found within these laws and its the art of implying them but first we need to understand them well enough that its always within our awareness. Sometimes we really need to stand still to the world around us. We need to heal our addictions. Today I quit smoking because i couldnt bet to a village because having no transportation. Ive been wanting to adjust my lifestyle for some time now. The smoking that im doing to my body really will take, if not already, its toll. Plus it gives me huge restlessness always thinking about the next cigarette. Now im having no tobacco i actually feel at ease because I know there isnt any to get. But I know hard moments will emerge when i cant smoke but feel the need to. Right now I dont feel the need and I feel pure and energized also mentally, but this probably between the ears just like the whole addiction is actually like. Yes you do get physical urges to want to smoke but what happens when you say no. For how long can you keep it out of your head. And what do you let yourself feel through your thinking and you know what your body is asking you.

As im listening to the newest justin timberlake album im thinking to myself what a cool songs there on. Im writing so it becomes background music but i actually have it on my earphones. There have been days where i couldnt focus on writing or doing home work while listening to music at the same time. Loving vibes enter the room and it waves the group like a lawine on the slope following you get closr slowly and slowly.

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