The light is real, the tunnel an illusion

The tunnel where you see the light in the end of it is an illusion. The light is already there and youre infused with it. Learn how to notice all the light surrounding you in all the little things around you, like; a tree, a bird, a dog, a creek and sometimes even a regular car with an interesting numberplate. There is so much to be found in everyday life if only we open up our eyes for it. We need to become more conscious as if were using a microscope on what we observe everyday. Normally in every day life there is so much that is happening around us but we have been taught to have our minds closed to it. Often the little observable things in our lives arent that little at all actually and much can be found behind it. Entire books have been written about that little bird you saw yesterday but dont even remember anymore. There are years of history behind the little creek near you in nature. Everything has so much more debth and we can choose ourselves how deep we dig into the debth of it. Ofcourse it also has to do with how much we actually know about the object or animal we are observing and thinking about. But our minds our more expansive than most of us would initially think. If only we learned how to tap into our subconscious mind wich is connected to our higher mind. Because the subconscious mind sees everything and forgets nothing. How cool would it be if we had constant acces to it. It would be a little bit like the movie; Limitless. Where the leadactor discovers a pill thst gives him acces to his entire brain. The brain still holds so many mysteried. Yes in today’s time we already know an awful lot about the human brain. But to my knowledge we still dont know why we only use such a little percentage of it. Limits dont exist if we dont give them reason. I think by accesing the higher mind, by balancing the left and right brain hemispheres were actually igniting higher power and discover more wholeness in our brains and our worldviews. It is essential to be of awareness of the physical illusion of solid suroundings since they all vibrate on certain octaves wich go on in low frequency so it is solid. But the octaves of the frequency can go extremely quick into non seperateness as in oneness. The duality or oneness of the dual and the absolute. What is it in the end? What will bring more Love is perhaps a good question to ask ourselves. Isnt it so that oneness and awareness of the loves that fuels it brings Great love and isnt that the essence of creation? Then wouldnt it be logical to be heading towards recognition of oneness what happens with people who have mystical experience. As if youre so very connected to nature and we reslize that we are each other and realize that if i hurt others i also hurt myself, but isnt still that only an egoic or an objective Truth?

Isnt addiction of the ego. Is it not all in the mind, the craving towards the happy and feel good about myself state of mind. Or is it because were bored because we have no real knowledge of Self. Why would you be bored when you know yourself and know you can do anything at any time, there is always a choice innoptions but often were lazy and look for the easy way. It doesnt have to be hard when you do it smart. Thats why the whole higher mind thing is so important because then we can truly cross christ consciousness and dwell in the higher spheres while being in the physical but also truly understand the teachings that the higher mind teaches us or let us experience everything we do. It is infused with intellectual thought with wich you create. I for example enjoy writing but havent done it in a long time. As when I was younger I wanted to be a writer so now the passion is still there. Also doing ceramic and drawing can feel real good. Secretely we all have little urges of doing creative things. Its also because when youre inspired youre within spirit and youre actually communicating with spirit. There is a beautiful teschings from the source of christ consciousness thats called a course in miracles wich you can read. Ivenjust started it its quite a huge book or maybe because its more of a course. In all of the world that there are there are many yet unvisited by human species. Perhaps we all are wearing the dna of seversl mixed races. Is where we eventually stem from

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