Doors that lead to Truth booklet

Truth is what comes your way when you are open to it. When you put your mind to it and look for it. The universe rewards the seekers with what they are seeking for. As the saying goes; ‘what you’re seeking is seeking you’. This goes much further into account when you stop believing and start knowing this to be the truth. Use your intuition to decipher truth from illusion. Ofcourse experience gives birth to knowing. Seeing is believing. But sometimes you have to know in order to see and you then confirm it for yourself to know that not only what you thought was the truth, but the thought came forth out of an inner knowing wich came forth out of your intuition. There are 3 types of intelligences: The first one is your brain as we all know this is where intelligence comes from. What most of us dont know is that true intelligence comes from balancing our 2 brain hemispheres. We have a left brain and a right brain hemisphere. The left brain is the male side of our brain, wich has scientific tendencies. This part includes logical thinking, writing, math, lineair thinking, rational thought and reasoning and tends to be the dominate agressive part as well since it’s male. We live in a very left brain and right brain inbalance, with government as dominator and religion as naive believe. The right brain is the female aspect and constitutes of creative, intuitive, holistic, big picture and understanding wholeness of the particulair thing you’re thinking thinking but its also when in inbalance the slavish and naive insecure side and having no male aspects but is being in control too much from the left brain. Then we have our intuitive brain. This part deals with our emotions. We can actually feel the energy of the love emotions literally in our hearts. Try if you like. Focus your attention on your heart and think of a person your sincerely love, or your pet, or something that you love to do. This is where love literally comes from. This is something we don’t always realize and many of us think of it as to be something metaphorically but it has an actual intelligence. We should think more with our heart intelligence and follow it where ever it want’s to take us. It has a unique way of showing you the path onto the right direction. It emanates vibrations in a high frequency. Then we have our gut feeling. This is a way shower that can act as an alarmbell for when something isn’s feeling right. Often you have no idea why you’re feeling something is wrong but it’s advicable to listen to this very feeling. It can’t be wrong since it is connected to the mental knowing of the universe. Often we try to rationalize our intuition. Thinking that we’re making it up and we should think straight and stop overthinking things that we have no idea if it’s true or not. You should balance the thinking and try and understand where it’s coming from. Like if you have a sudden burst of negative energy and you have no idea where it’s coming from or why it has come to you. Be alerted and take it seriously. Something bad can come to manifestation. It’s a bit like the show: Early edition. Where the lead role player get’s the paper for tomorrow. He already knows what will happen tomorrow and try’s to safe the people involving in the accidents. This is where Clairvoyance comes from. It’s the ability to rationalize your intuition into a deeper knowing of what will happen in the particulair situation. We all have the ability to train this. As we are shifting into the age of aquarius and the frequencies of truth are upon us and people all over the world are opening their eyes to what is. We are also becoming more in touch with our spiritual abilities. We are all ascending. Even the one’s who are not interested at all-in these kind of subjects get uplifted by the frequencies and energies that the planet is receiving from the universe. Plus there are many people in this world who naturally have a high frequencies and who can lit up a whole room just by entering it and uplift everyone’s energy who is in it without them knowing it where it comes from. Most of them will not even really be aware of what is happening to their state of being but just feel uplifted. It has nothing to do with the appearance of the person entering to do as it has everything to do with their frequency and their state of mind as they have their eyes open and are aware of higher truth of themselves and everything around them, the micro and macrocosm. The Macrocosm is the bigger picture like the universe and the planets and stars and milky ways and blackholes and starclusters and you name it, the bigger things that are manifested. The Microcosm is you, me and everyone, and by everyone I mean the animals and all beings too, on the planet as they perceive themselves. As above so below, as within so without. We are the universe experiencing its’self subjectively and as we are the universe all things are possible. We comprise of everything that the universe is and all and everything that contains is. I am you and you are me. You can vibrate slow like a rock or high, like dimensions we cannot perceive. Things can vibrate in such a high frequency we seize to be able to perceive it. Think of it as a ventilator or helicopter rotators. They move so quickly we can not even see them moving anymore. It’s like the rotators hang still in the air but still it can fly. If we didn’t know this was the case we couldn’t find the logic in it and think of it to be impossible. The truth of the matter is that all things collide and everything has poles and opposites and gender and rhytm and everything vibrates and everything is energy. Matter is merely energy vibrating in such a low frequency that we are able to perceive it as solid. But actually everything around you that you might think is as solid as can be is actually energy vibrating in a low frequency and so it manifested in physicialitical 3dimensional reality. As Nikolas Tesla said if you want to know the secrets of the universe think of energy, frequency and vibration. Tesla was a brilliant self-less man who invented for the sake of the betterment of humanity and not for profit. Unfortunately he became the apprentice of Edison who wanted to use his inventions for making alot of money. He even lured Tesla into a trap offering him 10 Million $ for one of his inventions. When Tesla revealed to him his invention Edison didn’t gave him the 10 million $ and told him this was American humor. Edison was not the only one who stole an idea of Tesla. There was also another scientist who also stole an idea from Tesla and won a nobel prise with Tesla’s idea. The inventions of Tesla are now hidden for the public by the shadow government. The inventions of Tesla could also be used as a weapon and I suspect this to have happened with on 911 with the world trade center. The buildings collapsed and everything turned into ashes and dust. There are no known explosives that could have done this. Jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams and fire doesn’t vaporize cement and steal into ashes and dust, certainly not in such a short time span. Another reason why his technology is being hidden is obvious. They are making huge profits on oil, electricity and other ways  that are not necessary anymore to be in usage. The inventions of Tesla can change the world and completely transform it for the better. The lies we have been taught must be transformed into truth. First we must recognize them ourselves and change ourselves. When you will be doing this and clear your throat chakra and actually start speaking the Truth you will make people think about things that actually matter. How frustrating it can be to live in a world where so many people have a moral relativistic world view and only think about money and not wanting to recognize the problems in this world and or care about them well enough to actually do something about it. Many feel small and insignificant and think they can’t actually do anything about it. Nothing could be further from the truth. One sentence of Truth can change a man’s whole perspective on what is and what is not and can have significant ramifications as the fire of these words will spread from mouth to mouth and can be the beginning of the journey of questioning all they have ever been taught. As Yoda said: “Unlearn everything you must”. Our state of being is in deep shit and the more people recognize and stand up the better and the bigger of a chance we have to transform it before it’s too late. The world is heading towards totalitary control and locked up in a low vibrational boxes of consciousness and the waking up process must be lit in as many people as possible to push it into the opposite direction. That’s the biggest reason im writing this booklet. I hope it will spark something in you to begin your own personal journey of objective truth. Because yes there is something as objective truth and it’s not only in science as this is starting to become our new world religion for the left brain inbalanced people and the new age religion for the right brain inbalanced. The breakthroughs of science always hold specific agenda’s to push people into knowing and thinking into the direction the power’s that be want to let people think. We must start thinking for ourselves to be able to turn this around and do our own research. The power’s that be dont want an informed public. They want us to cling to our tv sets and watch the news and mindless tv shows and try to distract us from what’s really going on. They want us to eat our GMO food, get our flew shots and try to make us sick and become a customer of the pharmaceutic corporations for the rest of our (as they hope) short spawn life’s. There is an agenda on reducing the world population so we are easier to control. In Georgia USA there are actual guide stones wherein the plans of the reducing of the world populations are written on. Nobody really knows where they have suddenly come from and nobody is taking responsiblity for them of telling who has made and put them there. It’s pretty obvious when you start to connect the dots put you have to be open minded at first to start this journey because you’re not going to like it. The truth will set you free but first it will make you angry. The word Government comes from the 2 Latin words: Gubernare wich means to control and Mente wich means mind. So literally the word government means To control the mind or mindcontrol. This is exactly what the government is doing. The right and left wing are wing’s of the same bird so no matter who you vote for the bird is going to do what it wants anyway. No politician actually really represents the people although they do anything to make it look that way. Their doing everything they can to get the sympathy of as many people as people. Though it’s obvious to see most of us are falling for their charm or charisma anyway because that’s what we have been taught via mindless media and idol worship. We’re making our judgements based how the politician profiles him or herself and they’re professional stage magicians on controling our perceptions of them. But even if the polticians were honest and would represent the Will of the people, The whole foundation of government is based upon violence, coercion and theft. If you dont pay your taxes they will send they’re minion taks collectors to come and get what they think they rightfully can take from you. If you refuse to pay they will force you to pay even more, if you refuse to pay again and maybe a couple of more times people in suits that magically gives them more rights than others will come at your door to arrest you. If you resist they will use violence to try and arrest you. If you will defend yourself from these unrightful actions they can actually kill you. Does this make you free? It certainly does not. As long as there are so called authorities that can do these kind of things we are not really free. Society is designed in a way to make us believe we are free since most of us are ignorant to Natural Law and have been brainwashed since birth they believe this is the case. Natural Law are the Laws that govern our behaviour. What you put out you get back, as you reap so you sow. The dark occultist’s are people that are in the know and make other people ignorant of these law’s do the things they know they shouldn’t do for themselves because there are always consequences. If you steal you actually steal from yourself wich nobody really wants. You always get back what you give and you always lose what you take unrightfully. Natural Law’s are also known as the Universal Laws or the Laws of the universe and have been designed by God for us to live by or be ignorant of. The knowledge is there but we must stop being ignorant of them. The problem is that the dark elitist people in the know have occulted these Law’s. Natural Law is probably the most occulted knowledge on the face of this earth and the people on top dont want the public to be aware of them. Because certainly collective knowledge of them have the power to transform this world from dark into light. These Law’s themselves are the light and the dark and we must align our behaviour tot hem in order to live the life we want to. They are the true Law’s of attraction and it is a wise thing to do to live in alignment with them. This booklet isn’t designed to teach you the truth. It is designed to show you the doors that lead to the truth. We must all do our own research and this can be used to spark your curiosity for truth. The first step that leads to Truth is curiosity. And you have already taken this step since otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this booklet. Maybe you have felt your whole life that something more deep than the obvious things in this world are wrong. That the whole foundation of how society was designed doesn’t morally makes sense. Maybe you were born awake and you’re longing for higher Truth and or more knowledge that will lead you in the right direction. You can read and or watch as many informational sources as you like but looking within will bring the true answers. The universe is mental and our minds are connected to it. We have so much more power as we were taught to believe. They try to make us insecure by showing us images of being that make us obsessed with the way we look and make us pursue almost impossible ‘beauty’. Beauty either way is relative. What is beautiful for one can be ugly for another. There are many beautiful shells out there with ugly hearts and ill minds. But all can be transformed. Only light can drive out darkness and knowledge is light. Knowledge enlightens and raises your awareness of what is and what is not. Unfortunately we live in a world where Truth has been so twisted into manufactered lies that those who will speak it will be seen as a maniac or a dilluted person and will certainly not make you popular to the mainstream public. An african proverb tells that a speaker of truth has no friends but I would have to dissagree. When you align yourself to Truth you will attract more people who are sailing the same boat as you do. You will be finding yourself in situations where you will meet the right people at the right time with whom you can empower each other with the experiences and knowledge you both have, as you both have taken the path towards Truth. This can feel very rewarding especially because the path can lead to loneliness and depression. The great majority of the world vibrates in a vibration of ignorance to truth because they have been dissuaded by it by the dark occultic sorcerers who are in the know and manipulate. But it is no curse at all to experience times of solitude as this gives opportunity to introspection and gaining knowledge of self. Some of us will have hard times dealing with this as others would rather enjoy them.

Pursueing a job as an order follower is not at all a virtue. As by doing this you’re taking wrong actions. Killing and arresting people for fictimless crimes because some words on a paper written by mind controlled people in the name of the authorities that be is assisting an evil system and if you think you’re bringing safety or fight for freedom you couldn’t be further from the Truth. The ‘I was just Following orders’ as an excuse for immoral behaviour and or actions are no excuse of it at all. Just because of some people with so called authority have written a bunch of words on paper where the rest of the people are forced to abide by is being forced doesnt mean that makes it right. We should look more into what is right and wrong instead of looking for what’s legal or illegal. If there is any time right for doing that it is now. All wars are about control and money. War is a big business and people in power are trying to dominate the world with Central Rothschild banks. They want total control of the world and the most effective way to do that is via money control. That’s why there is so much conflict with countries that dont have a Rothschild bank yet. They are trying to find a way to destabilize these last left countries and rearange them and one of the ways they do that is by installing a Rothschild bank. They try to instill fear in the minds of the public and want to get the public on their side. This way they manipulate. They create a problem wich will cause a preordained ‘obvious’ reaction and then offer the solution wich contains the agenda they wanted to install anyway. This way they get what they want without causing civil unrest. If they would do it the direct way they would cause a big shift in consciousness of the public and this is the last thing they want to do. There is a war on our minds and we’re being bombarded with mindbombs everyday, especially when you’re watching televison. Television in fact is a hypnose box. Television propagates inactiveness and mindless garbage. And what goes in goes out. So be careful what you’re putting your mind up to because if you’re not careful you’re being programmed even further just the way they want you to think. They dont want a public capable of thinking for themselves. This is what they teach children in school. That truth comes from an authoritive figure. They dont teach the children to think for themselves and do their own research or question the things that they are being taught. It’s all very dogmatic. Also whoever is better at memorizing information by repetition is a better student. These are very false ways of judging someone’s intelligence and educations and designed to make you just smart enough to become another brick in the wall as Pink Floyd called it or cog in the wheel as I call it. It’s a way of indoctrination and mind control. These days we have the world’s library underneath our fingertips and we can basically learn anything we want if we put Love under our Will and align our actions with what we want to achieve. We need not lose sight of our goals and use our talents and passions to pursue what we deep inside know we can achieve. Society wants us to become a part of the machine and not create our own. We should want to live in service to others since this is the highest calling of human beings and what most do not realize is we are all blessed with this purpose. Many only live in service to self and this is a Satanic ideological way of thinking and living. Satanism worships ego and preaches you to get what you want even if that means on stepping other people’s heads in the sand. The world needs us to live in service to others and we are all blessed with unique ways of achieving this. If you’re on your path you will inspire others automatically to do the same, at least the ones who are on the same frequency as you and our collective purpose is to follow our purposes. Fortune will come to the brave. Those brave enough to stand up for their unpopular truth in difficult times. It’s not easy but it’s the only way to order. We shouldn’t be afraid for what other people think of us. We should only be concerned of how we perceive ourselves. And when that’s negative than there is work to be done. Because when that’s the case you’re not doing things right or have not been doing things right in your past. It’s time to shed your skin and be born out of the ashes of the death of your old self. The new self is rising as you’re reading this words. You might even feel the truth frequencies running through your body. There is much to be excited about and let yourself be one of the reasons you’re excited.  Start doing good everyday. It can be a  smile to a stranger on the streets. Maybe this person you smiled at was feeling very down and neglected and your smile was everything he or she needed to feel better about him or herself. A small gesture can ignite alot. Or give a compliment to someone at work or tell someone how beautiful or goodlooking they look. All ways of rising not only the microcosmic vibration of the person but also collectively raising it in the macrocosm.

The presence of extraterrestrials in the universe has been a long debated subject. Many claim to have seen UFO’s and/or have been abducted by certain aliens. And by many I mean MANY. And the testimonials of the abductees all have many similar experiences and describe the aliens as often the same looking. Often they are very skinny with big heads and big eyes and communicate telepathically. There are and were therapist’s like Barbara Lamb and Dolores Cannon who performed hypnotherapy on the abductees to get back the information of the abduction experience and all the things that happened in these occasions. With these hypnoses they dive into the subconsciousness wich remembers them practically all of it but has been hidden by the conscious mind. Many people have seen UFO’s as well in all diferent shapes, physical one’s or energyships and many of them have been caught on tape. Ofcourse there is also alot of misinformation on the subject and alot of fake video material but much of it has not been visually manipulated or edited.  Then there are those who claim to be able to channel alien entitities. Channeling is when you go in a meditative/hypnotic state and let an entity speak through you. Bashar is a good example for this but also Barbara Marciniak is a good example who claims to have frequent contact with the Pleiadians. Ofcourse you can never know for sure since there is no actual proof but the information given by them is rather astounding. So one might think: “could a human being come up with all this significant information?”. Some would argue that alot of aliens are actually already on and in this planet hiding for human beings. The american airforce uses symbolism of aliens within their emblems. They’re putting the truth right in front of our noses and make the public think it’s some kind of joke but it’s not. Word has it that they have been getting technology from the aliens and in return they want human DNA because the Greys arent able to reproduce anymore and need to make hybrids. Basically we are all offspring with alien heritage. We were created when the Anu Naki came down from the heavens to our planets and wanted to make a slave race to use for labor wich is the reason why our world is designed the way it is now. But there is great change upon us and this is a fantastic time to be alive. We can all be the change that we wish to see in the world and take the right action we all know deep inside we have to take. Everyone has their own path but with the same goals. Heal the human race and by doing that heal the planet at the same time. The difference between the need to heal the planet and the human race is that the planet doesn’t need healing in order to survive. When things will become too much for mother earth she will just shake us off via cataclysms. We then will just be wiped out by her since her existence is more important than that of the human race. It wouldnt be the first that this has happened. The same thing has happened in the time of Atlantis when they had quite a similair technologically (If not more technologically advanced) advanced world and they were also misusing their technology. They were misusing their technology and started creating life with DNA but in a bad way for evil purposes.


In times like these it is a brave thing to say and actually wanted to remember that and keep saying it what you think to be the truth and then actually know that that what you thought was thinking it and not knowing it and turned out to be a lie it starts to make sense to decipher and discern between lie and illusion and the truth and what really is. And dont let people tell you your soft when youre in touch with your divine feminine when you know you have it in balance with the masculine. The feminine with the non agression and the masculine with the self defense principle. If people would be in aligment with these two archetypal states of being being sexes with all the qualities they both hold. Change is inevitable and certainly when we have been in chaos for long its time to bring order in the world and ways of those are understanding of Natural Law also known as the Moral Laws, understanding the objective differences between rights and wrongs and the principles. And also the psychedelics that all bring positive powers and insights but should be respected and not abused wich shouldnt be done with anything. Too much use can never be good but healing potentiality is to there to be found. Also the therapeutic means of healing of animals is a very big one. As animals are so pure and often emotionally very intelligent they can sense you and you feel you can trust them and as you do so will they trust you. For example horses mirror your state of being or emotional state. They will sense when something is wrong with you if you’re feeling down or agitated or frustrated or just generally unhappy and ofcourse every animal has it’s own personality as you spend time with them you will create a bond with them and you will start giving it Love as this is in the nature of a human being, to give love, as it is in the nature of the animal also. Human beings can sometimes be a little more complicated to love especially when you feel abandont, lonely, hurt or anything like that. So you have been holding back your giving of love and often will give giant bursts of love to the animal since you sense that the animal holds no agenda’s of playing around with you or wanting to use your love fort hem as a means of control or power. The animal will be very pleased and will return to you the Love. You cant love your partner if you dont love yourself and animals teach you how to love yourself again. It’s sometimes easier to love others than to love yourself but in the end it starts with loving yourself thus being yourself. And people love people who are themselves. Who feel comfortable in their skin wherever they are. Some people make you feel uncomfortable maybe because you might see more of them than what they see in themselves. Or maybe a very negativ person will make you just want to get away from that person and it drains your negative energy. Some people are just negative energy vampires also known as psych-vamps. What they do is they trigger negative emotions in their victims by talking down on them or kicking them in the ground. Often they are actually guided in doing this by negativ energies who can feed of the negativ energy feast aswell. The psych-vamps often act like this as they have suffered great trauma that hasn’t been dealt with or have been treated very poorly by people they love very much. They can also be very frustrated with themselves and basically just have given up on themselves and have made themselves believe and actually making it a reality that by making other people feel bad they make themselves feel good. It often goes hand in hand with psychopathic, sociopathic tendencies and narcissism. It’s not easy for them to be healed because they often dont see the problem themselves or will simply laugh it away saying that it is not true at all. They might not know the whole science of it or the whole psychological point of view but I think deep down they know what they’re doing is wrong. Spiritual and/or energetical work like Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi-gong, Reiki and these kind of practices can do alot of good to everyone but can also put a person with these problems in a transformational process wherein they can heal significantly. Any of those practices and a good dose of Ayahuasca with a healer Shaman and you got yourself a healed human being. Or at least healed in such a degree they have alchemized enough parts of themselves for them to be harmless in society again without physically, mentally or emotionally assaulting peaceful other beings

It could have ended differently with them but in many cases they didnt and things set forth as it was the wind blowing them in certain directions bounding paths that no man ever has walked yes since the acceptance and every life and individual is new except for in the future, but future present past is simultaneous so even the moments that are compartmentalized boxes of timelines that go on into eternity. But what is is that you seek you ask me? I was send to be a wayshower and a helpersoul and I do not only believe you are too but I know it, otherwise you wouldnt have attracted this little booklet that I write from the foundation of Love, Will and Truth. For these reasons I am doing what I am doing as I feel it to be my Moral Obligation to do so and inform and de-occult what has been hidden for so long only ment for the initiated and adebts and the seekers for the esoteric manners of Truth shall find what they seek as long as they are persistent and so you are since this booklet lays foundation for that longing wich you already had in the first place but this will intensify it. Or at least that’s what im aiming for since I know this is what can safe the planet from alot of negative outcomes and directions it will lead to. There is no religion higher than Truth and so it is and so it will be. As we align ourselves to our thoughts shaping our realities and we live by our objective moral standards the world can lead into a positive direction and we will finally live in freedom and peace. Helping each other Voluntarily when needed and build better education systems without the control of government and the corporations and people they are eventually controlled by. So we can raise our own children we wanted to all-in all. And what we recognize is the way or the right thing to invest in and do and create. Nobody is telling us what to do anymore since we live in harmony with every other sovereign being that is around us. Equal respect and harmony and Love and Peace will shine the light on ourselves and roads in this world and beyond. It will show us things in ourselves we have thought before but never really dared to look into any further because you were brainwashed by your culture and society and possibly religion and government and your parents and siblings and other family members and or friends that told you you couldnt do that and so you stopped taking it serious. You stopped daring to follow your heart and control your mind and master your passions and put your knowledge into action wich is wisdom. Do good and become good it’s never completely too late . God is forgiving is a religious term since it is always forgiven except in your life you have to deal with the karma you create for yourself in every life you undergo and lead. But you choose for yourself what reality you want to live in it’s really not that hard once you get the grasp of it because God wants you to you only have to play by it’s rules wich are implemented in the Unversal Laws of Nature wich are Moral and Righteous in the first place to be bound to objectivity and so govern your behaviour wich you can align to if you’re informed about them and understand them and recognize the complete truth in the beingness of them and the one and all-ness of God the all, the source of all things unbound by space and time and thoughtprocesses that our minds detached to the body cannot yet comprehend. As our higher minds are connected tot the universe we have infinite potential in thinkin and being. Tesla’s knew there was a core of knowledge from wich everyone can obtain knowledge and inspiration but he hadn’t completely figured out the what’s and how’s of this concept he had knew he had certainly connected to it for many of his thoughts and inventions. We musn’t be afraid of change, we must embrace it no matter what. Change is the only thing that will never change and it is always inevitable. Just like tides and waves, as long as there’s a sea they will be there. And we are all just drups out of a vast ocean but we contain everything that oceanwater is comprised of. We shouldn never lose hope no matter how bad the statistics look. We can overpower if we align our actions to our minds and emotions. They should be in alignment with each other. Thoughts, emotions and actions. If they are you will create a divine order in your life and things will fall into place.

Many of us will dwell in places for a long time because we choose to be there, we unconsciously hold ourselves in these cycles and conditions because we think feel and act in into existence. We sometimes dont even dream anymore of life outside the choices we have made in the past and now think we are locked up in. Everyday we can make choices that will benefit the future of our ideal dreams or visions. What we really need to do is taking our talent’s passions and dreams very seriously because they are the things you were granted by God for a reason. We all have our unique abilities to use in this world on this planet and we shouldnt be afraid to use it. We have been cut off and distracted to become in touch with our higher self (balanced Neo-cortex) the new brain, the higher human being. We have many abilities we have forgotten we even have because we didn’t dare to explore them because society or friends or family says or thinks are ridiculous. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Nobody was ment to do mind-less slave jobs and urning alot of money for other people and help someone’s else’s dream come true. Ofcourse there is nothing wrong with trying to help other people to attain their dreams. It is a bit unfruitful if you have to put in alot of your precious time for often a small wage to make them help earn huge amounts of money. Alot of those mindless jobs will be overtaken by robotic artofficial intelligence anyway so in a way we’re kind of getting forced to really search for our true potential because it always goes hand in hand with your creativity and everybody has a creative aspect tot hem some just more activated than others The trick is to balance the two brain hemispheres and create true intelligence with a balanced Neo-cortex. Then you can create with what you have obtained intellectually and the left side brain is a very good tool for logical reasoning . And the right brain hemisphere is very good in seeing the whole picture thinking in wholeness and creativity. Some would want to paint, others sing and dance or play an instrument. But also writing is a creative activity. And one of the reasons I am writing this book is because I love doing it and put my heart in it. And so there are many ways of expressing our creativity. To create is to mean what it is to be a Goddess or a God. Because what makes a god or a Goddess a god? They are able to create. That’s why we ourselves are gods and goddesses are gods. When we are in our creative process we come in contact with our divine essence. So a creativity is something to be pursued and that counts for everyone. It’s even good for your mental health being. You get yourself in some sort of a special focus but hypnotic at the same time. You actually raise your frequency by doing it also because you’re in a state of joy. And from joyful things comes the birth of good things. So start exploring (if you even havent already) your means to creativity because it brings high joy. Try to think as what you liked to do as a kid. We all have creative potential that just needs to reawawakened. And becoming aware of the fact that you have creative potential already unleashed the energies to manifest in your being so keep an eye out. You might suddenly come across situations, people or chances where you can get in touch with your creativity. As you have read this it will do it’s thing in your subconscious mind and if you then have the intention to really do something wit hit those intentions will find cohercensive thought processes that on turn will magnetize the right situations, persons and choices to your life. Do you want to climb a mountain or sail a sea to the other side of the world? What are you waiting for start making the arrangements that you know inside need to be done. Often there are certain aspects to your situation that causes blockages in your being that make sure you’re not doing what you actually should be doing and what is for your true highest interest, you can call it your ego. You can literally do anything if you only unleashed your mind’s potential with the balancing of the Neo-Cortex, The new human, the new mind. If you got rid of the untruthfulnesses and fake believe systems you would literally free yourself. Your path can only be walked by you and nobody else. You have got to make the moves. Right action is what must be taken to achieve what you want. The first step towards Truth of self, the micro, and Truth of macro, the universe and planet are the steps to your true potential as you will step into the ascension process some will grow instantly fast, some slow and steady. The illusory path to knowledge of self goes hand in hand with ignorance and apathy and carelesness. First you have to care to actually know the truth, care to actually get to know the hard truth’s about yourself. Then you must have the courage to face things that are not going to make you smile but you know dealing with them will make things much better in the long run. And the persistence on the path of Truth is not to be underestimated either since it brings you to further and further Truth and is basically an union from where you have to peal layers and layers to get tot he source of it, where it all grew from because it has started from a seed, a source.
That source is also what we are experiencing in everyone we meet, everything we judge, everything is and all that comprises the all. Loving yourself dearly will bring you closer to the essence of all the source of all wich ís Love. There will come a point in your life when you look back and ask yourself where was all the hassle for. Well the answer is quite simple. It was for you to grow strong and it isn’t over yet either. Even if you have come to a basis understanding of the Self you will continue to struggle. Struggle is an unavoidable aspect of life. There does not exist a living human being on the face of this earth that hasn’t had it’s struggles. We can come to a point where we have dealt with much of the things that made us struggle. But the biggest source of struggling is not knowing yourself and struggling with illusions and ego. We breath to live and should search to find. Experience is knowledge but reading books aquires it too. Reading books is the path to liberation and it strenghtens you in power aswell. Like the old saying goes: ‘Knowledge is power’. Knowledge is also power in it’s abscence. That is one thing that the controllers of this planet know and that’s why they try to dissuade people from important sources of power and feed the knowledge the public knowledge that suits their agenda’s. The dissuation of knowledge is such a huge aspect of the control system and keeps them in the position they are at now. The internet has been the beginning of their downfall since it is the world’s biggest library and everyone can look up on everything they like. Almost on all subjects that is, is something written about on the internet. Plus maybe even more important people all around the world can connect with each other. Everyone can share knowledge openly with everyone around the world. As old prophecy’s from all around the world are: ‘All that is hidden will be revealed’. Or actually ‘the apocalypse’ wich many people thought 2012 was the year where the world would end it was actually the beginning of the new world. A big paradigm shift in the control system and awakening of human consciousness. Apocalypse means revealing in greek and that’s where the word comes from. This book is an instrument for revealing what long has been hidden and functions as a way to open your eyes and lead you to Truth. I can only show you the doors though, you’re the one who has to walk through them. I too feel morally obliged to help to bring the words of Truth to the ears of the sleepwalkers. The waves of the sea won’t stop bashing onto the sandbanks untill the sandbanks are gone. The sandbanks won’t hold on in the end. In the end nature is stronger and that’s the same with Truth. Truth has the longest breath and will always come out in the end even if that will take thousands of years. The liberation of this world is of up most importance. It is for our children and the continuation of the human species. If we don’t start waking up as a collective we wont endure these atrocities that are being done to us much longer and we end up having ourselves killed.


Everyone should know especially unfortunately on the path of true there still arent many spiritual truth seekers out there  so know that you certainly are special and capable of great things but all metaphorically but truly speaken Jedi’s. Those with their head in the stars but with their foot on the ground. Some maybe too grounded, others too floaty. It is both a blessing as a curse to live in a world like this, it’s the spectrum of the duality in polarity and all duality reconciled as the one, the whole, the all that is connected: Some might call it an oxymoronic way of speaking a contradcitarely way of thinking and all paradoxes may be reconciled. We all grew up on a beautiful planet with many opportunities both in the physical as the ethers. The other dimensions and the higher functions of the mind that the people in the far east are capable of like the Lama’s, Magicians, and Yogi’s. Like the tricks with the mind via Word-Spelling and Manipulating the universe by the Law of attraction and the aligning to Natural Law. Chances are high, no, Im absolutely sure that the person reading this is capable of extraordinary Trades and Qualities like Telepathy and moving objects with the mind and being in a very comfortable position with children and animals, some attract them and these are beautiful souls, as there are many. There is so much more each and everyone of us is capable if only he or she uses the holy Trinity in mind heart and spirit and know the other Holy trinity of knowledge, Love and Truth. This is very important material to understand for you in order to organize your life into order and understand Self, the Micro and the universe and the wholeness and connectednes in the Macro. I repeat this is very important! Also the Care for Teachebility. The Will to want to keep on knowing more and more and have a yearning for spiritual enlightenment aswell when you’re focused and one wit hall you will understand the connectedness very clearly and each and everyone of us is on different and the same missions. There are a few archetypical goals and achievement and possibilty like shining light upon this planet from within from without as above so below kind of miroring the Light in the Self. There will also be those that find these textes unimportant or too spiritual or to left brain perceptionally looking at things and havent got the same philosophy on the way of writing do, but there are many subjects written of that are made of pure Truth and this is all spoken from the heart and want to give my message tot the world. And also to let my name be known to also that also want to know so we can connect as in a community in real life too. We arange places all over the earth where we find ways too build villages and make our own vegetables and fruits and have animals ofcourse too because they also work therapeutic and will raise all of ours vibrations. We will find ways perhaps with other ways other than bitcoins but actually using our skills to make our own name known and become internet entrepeneurs where you can and some will build your own platform of connections on the internet and do worldwide economy ourselves as much as possible and we obviate the state. We leave the city’s for now untill we can re-create, redesign the cities. But we can go outside of the cities and build villages ourselves. First we need to end the taxation and money system and preferable government system but we have to take action now, the times are upon us but we have to act. So I know there will be more woke people all over the world and we can connect via the internet wich is desirable for many reasons but we can also actually physically look and gather for each other like Jake does in the movie avatar. We have to take back our roots and heritages of the land that we live in. Who are they to control the lands of all of us. They make and do their regulations of all that belongs to the planet and all of us. We can build online groups and gatherings via the social media mediums like facebook and instagram.  The blocking and arresting people on facebook things that facebook and other regulators and controller type of people that rule these platforms. Hopefully we may be as fortuned to be able to overtake their control over the people but they have large army’s and many police men and what have you. So we will have to do it peacefully or do it with as many people as possible. If we have the numbers we can actually overthrow the politicians and their buildings when we can do it peacefully because the majority of the people want other people to want them to do that. We have to understand socially psychological where we find out how we can speak to people on the internet and real life when we start to talk about topics like esoteric truth’s, occult knowledge and truthiracy’s then it starts to get interesting because most of us know there is a very true dimension to spiritual matters. Because it has more to do with an inner knowing via intuition and sensing and most of my age and younger and also many older have virtually higher super natural powers as like they had in the ancient times when the higher terrestrial god’s the Annu Naki came down from the heavens to the earth and the clay tablets tell that they came down to create and enslave the human race and there is a game also where the reptilians came into play and still do but there is very probable ways of knowing that the earth and humanity is in fact going in the right direction as there are big energy shifts and powerful mercury retrogrades and full and new moons and the seasonal changes therewith the changes of nature and the climate wich also if a beautiful thing to witness. Nature certainly isn’t unintelligently designed obviously otherwise nothing would have been so connected and helpful to each other. And the universe created with the language of the building blocks of it with Math. Like the golden ratio is perfectly designed where you recognize so many objects and sphere’s and designing of flowers, plants, shells and ofcourse in the universe as well and we very much feel attracted to this code like Leonardo Da Vinci and many more use this formula in their paintings it seems to be a rather interesting and appealing mathematical formula.

Being in the moment can be a wonderful way to experience bliss. Sometimes you just get so caught up in the moment that suddenly all the beauty of everything and everyone is positive and perfect the way they are because supposedly they and everything and everything else is underway to better things. As David Icke say’s in his many books that the Truth Frequencies are upon is and that the lion is waking up wich is Humanity and that we have plans to do things very differently we just need the right organisations and communions also in the physical everywhere if we share the same truths with everyone’s his own to respect but on the otherhand naturally having the same ideas and realisations of certain undeniable truth’s we with so many people bright souls can raise the frequency of the earth with many ascended and to Truth aligned souls. Love enters all hearts of both men and women since light will forfill the tasks of God’s given right to the salvation of it. And many do not understand that what they give upon this planet is what will eternally rest on the shoulders of atlas where the gods will reign again over their God-forsaken land. Truth of the matter is that all matter is merely energy vibrating on a low frequency. Or well what is low and what is high. Let’s say for us it’s one of the slowest vibrating dimensions that there are in this universe so condsensed this reality is. But for those seekers the higher vibrations is attainable be it the resurrection of the Neo-cortex as a spiritual enlightening situation by spirit as a mystical experience understanding you’re one with the al land being in completely Awe of what you’re experiencing. It has been what you always longed for to happen since you began on your spiritual journey, or maybe you have already experienced and undergun these realities. I can imagine most of the people on this planet think that Lucifer is an evil entity but he was and is one of the brightests lights that God has created but that got him arrogant and bored and annoyed and he was longing for the power God has and basically wanted to overthrow him but this did God not take and commanded him to go to earth. If all the consciousness boxes of the true great ascended spiritual teacher Like Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Krishna And Buddha, Crowley, Blavatsky, Thoth, Da Vinci, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and what have you are open for worship and attainment of what this energy exists of than why not do the same with Lucifer, Phosphoreus god energy. If people only recognized all the qualities also in their self and seek for balance and ground yourself. Feet on the ground, head in the stars. It was was written in the stars that those who dwell in the underground, make love with prostitutes and are not always evenly giving and receiving and so sometimes it can take long time before the light of your inner eye can handle that darkness and shed light on the dark that you dwell on. In this dark place you find aspects of yourself that you’d rather not face and look in the eye and have seen it gives it room to be cast away as an energy because you’ve given it a space and recognize the significance of the impact on your physical self too since that is connected. There have been said many things about finding your twinflame. Sometimes you just know he or she is the one by only seeing them for the first time and although you find their looks also very appealing it is the soul and mind and way of being of this person that makes you feel so attracted to them. Many people are in toxic relationships that can have to do with ego, disrespect or distrust or narcissistic personalities that havent been dealt with yet and could need a desperate ayahuasca ceremonie session. Often they are not concerned of the spiritual or believe in the religion of government or an other religious consciousnessbox for thought and where dogma’s were sprinkled upon their thinkin and where people just blindly believing in the things they are being fed via mainstream media, their prieste or whatever other powerstructure that is contaminating their consciousness. They’re always pointing the finger to the significant other and never look within wich is because they weren’t being taught to look within and heal your dark aspects. How can you expect anyone to love you if you don’t love yourself? That’s a quistion that all can come to the conclusion that they in fact can’t really do. Love has to come from 2 sides but that also means that you’re loving 2 persons 1 is yourself because that person becomes a part of yourself and you become a part of your significant other so you just merge with each other in being and that’s the beauty of it. Compassion isn’t compassion without empathy. Empathy is actually feeling what another is feeling and compassion is imagining how something must be like for another person, situation or animal or even objects. We must consider the possibility that true Compassion is also experiencing the feelings that come with that and hence Compassion and Empathy should become the same force. We are coming home from a journey that I hope every single one of you have enjoyed. These are my words of Trut hand I hope you will be able to find the doorways that create the actual Truth within you and you will wake up to these matters. The concepts Im discussing in this booklet are what has come forth of my life experience and research of the past 3 years. There will bloom beautiful times to all who follow their hearts and use their mind wisely and as a tool but dont get control by it. Since the ego is in the mind it’s easy to get distracted from the things that truly matter in this world. Namely, God, Knowledge of Self, Natural Law and your behaviour towards the world and everything it. You yourself create the reality you are living in. I could hardly believe this either when I was deep in negativ emotional and mental state and was very passive and not undertaking anything that I should. All I did was watching documentaries and reading. There are times apparently that you can take in information as a spunge and then with that information you put your mind en emotions and spirit and Will into Action and viola this is the real law of attraction because just wishful and positive thinking will not attract the things that you say you need and want. There is actual (self)work to be done and this should be recognized. Binaural beats are also amazing for self work and shifting the vibrations into higher states. As for Alpha frequency can make you feel extremely aligned and focussed on the things that you want to achieve. It also makes you feel more able to get into social situations and basically can talk about anything doesnt really matter what the subject is you can just give it a fresh authentic spin and let all things go in magickal ways. The angels and demons are assisting us also in many ways. Many of them energetically in our dreams while when we wake up we dont even have any idea of what have might happened. In the end it’s these situations where we can learn from and be thankful of. Freak of the fall


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