D99rways that lead to intelligent thought and growth and understandin g

The industry is changing and all you gotta do is expand to your talents with passions and fuel them with your dreams. Never be afraid to dream big and go get yourself in the right direction,  spiritually and economically wether you are in or out of societies playfields. Your thoughts emotions and actions shape your reality so shape them in alignment with morality. You can be at such a low point but keep doing the right and God and the universe and its laws will respond to you. We need to find the voice of God the creator in ourselves and learn to listen to its advice in the form of inspirationl. Spirit of the keepers has a lot to give and alot to share but we must open our eye d and ears to its voice and inner knowing and s false perceptions. It’s also using the elements in ur favor as the witches and magicians and sorcerers also know. They use the powers of nature and reality and words and objects and spheres. I myself have my rituals everyone does, its our habits and we are constantly manifesting with our thoughts. Everything holds energy and frequency and the universe is mental. All ideas start in thought and as Tesla has said that in the universe there exists a force of ideas and inspiration and ideas and I think this is true and your higher Self can be connected to this force but we need to know the codes to do that and align our chakras or do kundalini breathing techniques for spine and brain activation. Get to know the inner knowing of the chakras. The energie centers are in constant communication with without, each other and everything beyond. There are methods and techniques and ive just cleares a middle low spine blockage but it seemed to have been able to heal now rhat I check it. I have done breathing exercises but thank this is a very slow and ongoing process. There is always growth even when our bodies and minds become okder. We have no idea how old all of our souls in actuality are. Few have inner knowing and have flashbacks or sorta timetravel technique to be in that other state of being. But there perhaps are more old souls than you think perhaps the souls of who we think are younger are actually in a deeper sleep to suddenly wake up to its powers and be very powerful and overwhelming. Everhone has a higher self and a lower thinking patern ego believe system and eay of thinking. They are like the 2 wolves. Ego and higher self Love and Fear. Wich one are you gonna feed when you know the keys to the natural universal Laws yiu can create your realitu. All we have to have is knowledge and heart and passion. These are key and also follow that wich makes you the most exciting.

Wit h Love

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