Why am I creating this blog?

Goodday lovely people this is my first blog for my new blogging website and this is aimed to all those that are interested in expanding their minds, souls, bodies and brains into higher levels of understanding the Self and the inner and outer realities of the Self and the world wherein we live. I am creating this blog because I want to share my views on the world with everyone and interact with like minded people from all over the world. I have been through alot and have gained alot of experience concerning several subjects and my aim is to inform, help and teach others who are on the path of Truth and/or self development. I feel I can be of great worth helping many people. I will be talking alot about all different kinds of subjects and would like to have feedback from everyone reading it. But only if you can ofcourse.

This year I have been homeless for some time and before that I was depressed for almost 2 years after being hospitalized in a mental institution. I also have some problems with alcohol whereas we drink we are more susceptable for lower frewuency entities and basically our personalities change. Often we do not like what we have done when we were under the influence of alcohol and we feel sorry for alot of the things we have said or done. Im not physically addicted but maybe I am mentally. Especially when I feel its time to ceoebrate something I like opening up a bottle and with that smoking some weed. 

Right now where I live is; I just moved to a small community that is under construction where eventually 7 other people will come to live as well plus the owners wich are a couple. Were going to do alot of fun stuff and its my plan to also write blogs on those. Basically gonna be blogging alot of how my life is going on now and what is going on in my mind will I keep you guys updated. Im not experienced in making websites so this site will slowly but steadily transform into somethibg beautiful. I also might go and sell some awesome products and will be providing services to those who are interested. Where we can have 1 on 1 sessions and I help you conquer the blocks that youre facing in your life.

There is much to learn from ourselves and all the people around us. We learn from each other and its important that we keep maintaining the principle of care to want to know what is up. The healthy curiosity should be in high regard to the development of our being.

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  1. Im looking forward reading your blogs!

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